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     Welcome! The fact that you are visiting this website suggests that you are interested in getting more in formation about bankruptcy. I have been an attorney for over 40 years and have practiced bankruptcy law almost exclusively for over 30 years. Bankruptcy is what I do. Whether you are a consumer seeking information about possible debt relief,  a business wishing to explore the possibilities of reorganization, or a creditor who suddenly finds himself caught up in someopne else's bankruptcy, you should be able to find useful information in these pages.

     Bankruptcy is a complicated subject, and there is no way I can anticipate every question you might have. Remember that the informtion I provide here is just intended as a general guide, not as specific legal advice regarding your situation. Every person's problem is different, and bankruptcy problems and solutions are very much fact-driven. Please use these materials for general information, but do not use them as advice for solving your specific problem. Only a personal consultation can give you information and advice that you should rely on.

     On the bottom of this page of this page you'll see some links to the various pages of my website. You can find out more information about me, about my law firm, and about bankruptcy law in general. I have also included a link to a page that includes nothing but links to other useful bankruptcy resources. There is also a contact page which you can use to send me an email or call and set up an appointment.
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The federal Bankruptcy Code requires me to state the following:

“I am a debt relief agency. I help people fire for bankruptcy under the Bankruptcy Code.”
(11 USC 528(a)(4))

I provide personal, customized bankruptcy services for consumers, sole proprietors, small and large businesses, corporations and partnerships, both as debtors in bankruptcy and as creditors. I file cases under all chapters of the Bankruptcy Code.